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We have been leading the field of Scrap Car Removal for years and helped hundreds of people get rid of their junks cars in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we are well equipped and backed up by a team of high expertise who are ready make the junk car removal as smooth as never seen before, regardless of how the car is, broken, damaged, old, junk, or scrap our team is experienced enough to remove it accurately and in no time.

We ensure $300-$15000 no matter what type, model or manifacturers your car is

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So do you have a junk car or cars that occupy space and you have no idea what to do with it ?

Do your neighbors keep complaining about the Non-functioning cars that you have in the neighborhood ?

Do you have a car that is no longer functioning and you want to get rid of it but not for free?

Well, we got you covered, No matter what type model or manufacturer is your car, No matter where your junk car is located, we can come to the spot everywhere in GTA  (Greater Toronto Area) and pick your car, and here is the deal, the Towing is totally free, meaning, you give us a call we come to the spot pay you cash, do some paperwork, pick the car and leave, you see never been easier! We help you get rid of your vehicle even if it doesn't run, and yes it is still with no extra charge, All you have to do is To give us a call.


You can sell your car for cash today, right now, and all you need to do is GIVE US A CALL!

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Make sure to have you car documents ready
To get an online quote you will be required the following information to proceed: the year, make, model, mileage, and a good explanation about the condition of the car, providing a photo would be of great benefits and help get a more precise quote.
The document must include information about both the seller and the purchaser.
Reach out a junkyard or auto recycler and get a quote
Scrap cars removal companies are found almost everywhere, with a quick search on google you find plenty junkyards nearby, keywords like “scrap removal”, “junk car removal” or “junkyards near me” would help to get quick information, pick one by one comparing the quotes offered by each and make your decision, pay attention to hidden fees and if the towing is free.
Pick a time for your car removal
The next step is to schedule a time for the pick up, a written confirmation will be sent to you including the time and the place of removal, so make sure to check your email box.
Give us a call and we will take care of the rest, pick a time and place, get ready to get paid and get rid of your car, a simple call is all you need.

Free junk cars removal

Our mission is to help you get the rest of mind cleaning your property off the junk cars that occupy the space for no reason and of no benefits, you’ve been thinking a lot about how to get rid of this junk, let us tell you something, that junk has a value for us and we need it and actually you are going to get paid for it cash and at the spot, we offer you a 100 percent free-off-charge service, all it costs is a call and then the rest is on us, the towing is also included so you don’t need to pay for it even if your car had no wheels; nevermind we will take care of it, our objective is that our customers complete the deal at the spot and comfortably..

We all know the problems that a bunch of junk cars can bring, whether from the complaints of the neighbors around you or the law, to the extent that one may get a fine to pay because of it, and we are also aware that you have no time and no mood to get rid of this scrap, we have brought the solution till your hand, all you need to do is to give us call and let the rest for our team.

No matter how your vehicle looks, we want it and you will get paid good money for it in cash and at the spot, get in touch with us for any further questions and you will get them all answered, and we ensure that you have all details and essentials for why choosing us is the best choice for you.

scrap car removal in Toronto
Ensure you free the car from all your stuff
Now it is time to get your car ready for the pick up, so ensure having your car free of your belongings and have your documents at hand.

On-the-spot Cash for Scrap Cars in Toronto

We know that this junk and useless car in your yard was once of value for you and you may paid good money for it, and you want to have the best price for it, you are in the right place, we offer the best quote in the market and with no extra charges, our scrap car removal service covers everything from your hands till our junk yard.

So yes it is that simple! All you need to do is give us a call and we discuss the time and place for your scrap car removal and here we go, you have just got rid of the piece of junk that has been filling your property for years and for no income. Now you can get cash for that car and at your home easily and quickly.

Our junk cars removal service Excel for being free of any hidden charges, all crystal clear, our team will come to you and evaluate your car and we offer the top dollars for it, always with the option of accepting or refusing the offer.

So how much money my junk car worth

The amount of money you can get paid depends of course on many criteria, most prominently, the prices of metal at the moment, knowing that metal prices rise and fall irregularly just like the stock market, it is affected by production and consumption data. But not a big deal, since this fluctuation is still considered slight and not of big influence. The other factors to determine the junk car value include the make, model, age, weight, condition and location of your car.

The spread of the Covid 19 had of course a great impact on the Scrap Metal industry, the prices of metal have declined to 126$ per tonne last year, but as the pandemic restriction look set to ease, the prices know a regular increase and are up to 70 percent this june compared to june 2000.

Free Car Towing

Free Car Towing

Cash For Damage Cars

Cash For Damage Cars

Cash For Wrecked Cars

Cash For Wrecked Cars

Cash for Burned Cars

Cash for Burned Cars

What RN Scrap car Removal best offers

Top Cash For Cars GTA Wide

Your car will be removed by RN Scrap Car Removal company and you will be instantly paid the amount that was quoted to you. This step also involves a bit of paperwork that will be completed and ready for you after your pickup.

  • Top Cash For Scrap Cars
  • Instant Cash For Damaged Car
  • Quick Cash For Used Car
  • Cash For Old Cars

Why RN Scrap Cars Removal?

People choose Scrap Cars Removal due to its unique features, including:

Highest Cash Paid on the Spot.

Free Towing Services.

Same Day Service is Available.

Professional Customer Support.

No Hidden Costs or Fees.

Top Cash For Junk Cars

Assured No Negotiation During Pickup.

Completed all Paperwork Formalities.

Easy Steps



The easiest and safest way to get rid of your junk car and get cash for it is to choose a legitimate and licensed Auto Junk Yard. Free towing and no hidden fees are some of the important characteristics that make one company better than other, so make sure to check if there are any while looking for a scrap car removal service.
Scrap car removal is nothing less than a regular purchase process so it is of great importance to have your vehicle ownership with you, in this way the company makes sure that you are the owner of the car and not someone else. PS: Some companies do have some exceptions so try to ask them.
It is highly significance and advisable to let the Service Ontario know that your car has been scraped, because as we mentioned above this is just like a normal purchasing and by doing such a step of informing the agency of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, you are telling them that the car i no longer your property so if any illegal practices made with the help of it I am not responsible.
Of course you still can increase the price of your old car by some few actions ● This is a sell so ensure your car is clean and representable ● repair any damage and get rid of any rust ● Ensure you possess repair bills and service records
Not a big deal you still can scrap your car, whether the car’s wheels are kept for further usage or are lost, the scrap car removal companies can pick up your junk car from the doorstep of your house with a free of charge towing service, just let them know that when providing them with the information about your car.



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