Certainly, the old wrecking car setting there in your backyard or in front your house has been giving you hard times for so long and the only reason why you still having it is because you no longer have an idea of what to do with it or maybe you have neither time nor energy to look for a buyer since the selling process selling can be exhausting, taking and listing pictures, answer messages and arrange meetings. Do you want to overcome all these? Then calling a scrap car removal company to scrap your car is your best solution.

There are many companies in Vaughan that offer this service and this makes it a bit difficult since not all of them do this service with dignity and they are far away from making the clients’ benefits at the top of their priorities. Backed up with a team of great experience and with a long time in the field we can do the hard work for you and make it hassle free. We offer quick service and instant cash at the doorstep of your house, and much more, the towing is free regardless of the condition and the location of your old junk car. The offer we give is fair and reasonable since we believe on doing a Win-Win deal make both of us happy and mutually beneficial.

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Junk Car Removal in GTA


Cash For Cars IN Vaughan

Making cash off that wrecked junk vehicle that was sitting at your property for years, until a recent date seemed something impossible. Let us say that now this has become true and the impossible is now possible and is just a simple call away. Your old car can earn you a great amount of money regardless of its condition. Running or not that car can be of great benefit and you can’t judge the amount of money it can make until you give us a call, because you see valuable things in it that seem useless to you and vice versa.

The only way to know the amount of cash you can get out of it is when we receive a call from you and send our team to check it out and determine its value, but in even worst cases you would still be able to get good dollars and bring your property back again.



Cars details

The next stage after deciding to salvage your car you need to give us a call and provide us with some information about it such as; the make, model of the vehicle, the year of manufacturing and the mileage, in addition to any other detail that you may think of as an extra and can increase the value of your car. Following this phone call, we will send our team of expertise to check if the details provided are true and then move on to the next step.

Discussing the offer

The time our team confirms or reevaluates your car they will offer a deal instantly and tell you how much money exactly your car is worth along with any further information or explanations if needed. From this point back on all the service has been free, that is to say, in case you didn’t like the offer and wanted to reject it you won’t be charged anything and our team will simply leave wishing you all the best with your car. If you accepted the deal and found the offer reasonable and satisfying then we move on to the next step.

Time and Place scheduling and Payment processing

We have made great progress so far and the rest is just easy and quick, which is the pick-up time and the place scheduling. You can rest assured that we will be as flexible as possible since it isn’t beyond reasoning, the time of removal of course should be during our working hours. The location where the pick-up would take place is also negotiable, don’t worry we still can be also flexible in this point too, and more than that we are offering the towing service for FREE no matter where your car is located.

Removing your belongings

Make sure to get all your belongings out of the car before handing the keys to the scrap car team. The 407 transponders are advisable items to check for if you own one because most people forget about it. Check under and between the chairs, inside the cup holder or the arm rest and above your sun visors and see if there is anything lost or forgotten before sending your junk car to the wrecking yard.


What to consider when want to scrap a car in Vaughan

Repair costs more than the car’s value

The time you find yourself spending a big amount of money on repairing and maintaining your old car, then it is time to send it away and get cash for it, scraping is a great option for some people and they find it even better than selling. Those people find it very time and energy consuming to follow the selling process since they have to arrange meetings, list pictures and deal with buyers’ buggings. and to be able to get rid of the car and still get money for it they tend to use wrecking yard to scrap it, this way they will overcome the entire annoying and exhausting process of selling.

The junk car monetary value in Vaughan

There is no specific amount of money one can get when scrapping a car and this is because the value depends crucially on the condition of the car, in addition to many other factors, but you still can get a quick approximate quote using the platform provided by most scrap car removal companies on their website, as we said the value you get through this platform when you provide your car’s details are approximate and the company will send a team of expertise to check the car by themselves and define the value at the spot.



You can sell your car for cash today, right now, and all you need to do is GIVE US A CALL!

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What documents do you need ?

Here are the documents you'll need to sell your junk car
The car’s ownership

The vehicle portion of the ownership is the first document that you should have at hand when scrapping your car as a proof of transferring the car out of your name. At the back of this document you need to indicate the name of the scrapyard removing your car and the address. And of course, you should also sign it.

The used vehicle bill of sale

Beside the car’s ownership document, a bill of sale document is also required to complete the process of car scraping and to prove that the car is now under the property of the junkyard and is no longer yours. This document contains information about the car like a complete description of it including the color, the make and many other descriptive details.


The document must include information about both the seller and the purchaser.



The easiest and safest way to get rid of your junk car and get cash for it is to choose a legitimate and licensed Auto Junk Yard. Free towing and no hidden fees are some of the important characteristics that make one company better than other, so make sure to check if there are any while looking for a scrap car removal service.
Scrap car removal is nothing less than a regular purchase process so it is of great importance to have your vehicle ownership with you, in this way the company makes sure that you are the owner of the car and not someone else.
PS: Some companies do have some exceptions so try to ask them.
It is highly significance and advisable to let the Service Ontario know that your car has been scraped, because as we mentioned above this is just like a normal purchasing and by doing such a step of informing the agency of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, you are telling them that the car i no longer your property so if any illegal practices made with the help of it I am not responsible.
Of course you still can increase the price of your old car by some few actions ● This is a sell so ensure your car is clean and representable ● repair any damage and get rid of any rust ● Ensure you possess repair bills and service records
Not a big deal you still can scrap your car, whether the car’s wheels are kept for further usage or are lost, the scrap car removal companies can pick up your junk car from the doorstep of your house with a free of charge towing service, just let them know that when providing them with the information about your car.




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