At some point, you will start thinking of getting rid of your car whether because of its condition or you just need a change. Cars as any other vehicle have a lifespan and sooner or later you will need to send it away. If you are into the daunting selling process for one reason or another, what should you do then? Would you just leave it at the drive away or at the parking lot? What other option do you have for getting rid of that old wrecked car that you no longer need and that you don’t simply want to buy because you have neither time nor energy for such a thing. Don’t worry! We have exactly what suits you better in this case, scrap your car is the best option.
Regardless of the condition or the location of your car a scrap car removal company would haul it away and give money cash for it, depending on your car's state you can earn really good and unexpected money for your car. Sounds interesting but you don’t know how to do it? Give us a call now and let the rest for us. You will no longer have to handle the selling process, by just a simple phone call you can make Top Dollars and say goodbye to that scrap, from the doorsteps of your house besides many other privileges.
With our company the scrap car removal process is even easier, we offer free quoting service and wherever your car is located we pick it up for free, in addition to many other privileges that you will discover all along the process.

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Junk Car Removal in GTA


Cash For Cars IN Pickering

By hiring our company to scrap your car we guarantee you a fair deal and good money for it.

We can assist you from the phone call to the pick-up stage. Our scrap car removal company has offices in almost every part of Pickering and you can reach us 24/24. We will insure a good offer for your unwanted car and environment friendly dealing with it. We have plenty of privileges that you can’t find everywhere.

Give us a call NOW! And get a free pick service. Sounds interesting? Check the guide below and let us help you get good cash for your old wrecked vehicle.

Get in touch with us.

We are available around the clock, you can reach us by phone or by sending us an email, in both cases our agent will ask you few questions about the car and give you an estimated price accordingly, the offer given by us, of course, will only confirmed until our team of experts come to see the car at place. Then they could either approve or disapprove the deal, sometimes our team may even give you a better offer than this given in the beginning, because they may find things that seemed useless to you but are of great value for us.

Discussing the offer

Our offers are made after a serious study to ensure our customers benefit the maximum and from every useful piece in their car, you are not obligated to take a decision right away but the sooner you accept the deal the sooner you get your cash! As soon as the offer is accepted our team from the closest point will come to haul your vehicle away and hand you your cash.

Time and Place scheduling and Payment processing

The pick-up’ time and place is something that we need to discuss unless you want to drop your car by yourself at one of our multiple spots. We know that people have different working times and schedules, we are very flexible in this respect, and we are even more flexible when it comes to the pick-up place, we are close to everyone in Pickering and more than that wherever your car is, the towing service is for free.

Removing your belongings

He last stage, or advisable stage if we can say, is collecting your belongings from the car, the car is about to leave for ever so check every corner of it to not lose a valuable thing, places such  under and between the chairs, inside the cup holder or the arm rest and above you sun visors, are where most people forget their stuff.

What to consider when want to scrap a car in Pickering

When to scrap your car?

One can’t count the many reasons why scrapping a car can be the best option. After a car accident for example, when the car is running but no longer appropriately functioning, there is something wrong with the system; it keeps glitching, and the car seems no longer safe for driving, then it seems highly recommended to scrap it, or that the car has come to an old age, maybe 15 or 20 years old and the repair cost has already tallied up what the car is actually worth.

The junk car monetary value in Pickering

There are multiple factors responsible and regarded when determining the value of your junk car, notably, the metal price in the market, since metal is a commodity then it fluctuates every day. Your car’s value can also be affected by how many useful parts are still in there and can be recycled for further employment.

Give us a call or send us an email NOW and get a free quote, our agent will give you an estimated value for your car by asking some few questions.

The given value can only be confirmed when we send our team to see your car.



You can sell your car for cash today, right now, and all you need to do is GIVE US A CALL!

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What documents do you need ?

Here are the documents you'll need to sell your junk car in Pickering
The car’s ownership

The car’s ownership is the most important document you should have when scrapping your vehicle. Parting out a car can differ from selling it, in terms of the procedure followed, but they are similar in terms of paperwork, so it is very important to have a document of ownership to prove that the car is yours.

The used vehicle bill of sale

The vehicle bill of sale is the other vital document you need to legally scrap your car. This document contains the following information: VIN number, Year of Production, Make of Vehicle, Model of Vehicle, Color. It is the proof that you have transferred the car property to a salvage yard or a buyer in general.

RN scrap car removal company puts its customers ‘comfort and peace of mind its priority, we ensure high quality service and a large margin of profit that can’t be found anywhere else in the Market. We have many branches in Pickering and our offices are reachable anytime during the working days.


The easiest and safest way to get rid of your junk car and get cash for it is to choose a legitimate and licensed Auto Junk Yard. Free towing and no hidden fees are some of the important characteristics that make one company better than other, so make sure to check if there are any while looking for a scrap car removal service.
Scrap car removal is nothing less than a regular purchase process so it is of great importance to have your vehicle ownership with you, in this way the company makes sure that you are the owner of the car and not someone else.
PS: Some companies do have some exceptions so try to ask them.
It is highly significance and advisable to let the Service Ontario know that your car has been scraped, because as we mentioned above this is just like a normal purchasing and by doing such a step of informing the agency of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, you are telling them that the car i no longer your property so if any illegal practices made with the help of it I am not responsible.
Of course you still can increase the price of your old car by some few actions ● This is a sell so ensure your car is clean and representable ● repair any damage and get rid of any rust ● Ensure you possess repair bills and service records
Not a big deal you still can scrap your car, whether the car’s wheels are kept for further usage or are lost, the scrap car removal companies can pick up your junk car from the doorstep of your house with a free of charge towing service, just let them know that when providing them with the information about your car.




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