It is obvious that the old junk car that is standing in your property which you keep thinking about the many possible ways for better use rather than let that wrecked car occupy it for nothing but decreasing beauty. We also know that you are keeping it only because you have no idea what else to do with it. The selling option and its long exhausting process sounds highly excluded because you have no time nor energy to follow. Your best option if you find yourself in such a situation is to find a scrap car removal company in Orangeville that will not only take that junk car off your property but give some good money for it.

Scrapping your car in Orangeville is a hassle free and a time saver option but this also needs some precautions when considering it, most importantly what company you hire to remove your vehicle and why choosing us would be our best choice. First of all, because our priority is to make our customer get as much money as possible, we will make sure that you earn some cash for every useful piece in your car.

Wondering about what condition your car should be in order to be able to scrap it? In short and simple terms, we accept every piece of junk with no exception running or not with wheels or without, whatever condition and wherever it is this wrecked car will earn you top dollars. Continue reading for more information.

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Junk Car Removal in GTA


Cash For Cars IN Orangeville

A wrecked vehicle that keeps you wondering about how to get rid of it and how it is just sitting there at your property with no benefits, can actually get you some top dollars out of it and we are here to help you with that. By hiring our scrap car removal service, we ensure you complete the whole process in no time and easily, all you have to do is a simple call and let the rest for our friendly team. Make good cash right now and at the doorstep of your house.

All necessary information is listed down below :

Get in touch with us

Fill up the form or simply give us and you will be instantly redirected to our customer service agent who will be happy to provide with all information needed and walk you through the entire process. By only answering a few questions regarding your vehicle we will propose an offer that ensures your satisfaction and corresponds to the market price of the vehicle at that exact time. As we frequently mention it our priority is to simplify the whole process and make it as easy as possible for our customers.

Discussing the offer

As we have briefly mentioned above after contacting us you will get an instant quote depending on the condition of your car and schedule a time and place so our tea can come to check if the information provided is correct or not and thus confirm the quote given or not. If the price offered is confirmed then they will give you your cash instantly and tow your car away. The towing is free no matter the location of our car; at home, at the office or even at the backyard of your house, we will take it away.

Time and Place scheduling and Payment processing

Now at this stage you should have already discussed the offer and you are one more step away of get rid of that junk car forever and making some extra dollars. We need to discuss the time and place of the pickup, not a big deal since we are very flexible about them and we ensure to let them be at your choice since the location is within Orangeville and the time is within our working hours.

Removing your belongings

So far everything is set and you only need to hand the keys to our towing team and get your cash, but it is highly advisable to check your car carefully and take your belongings out of it. Make sure to look in every corner of your car so to not forget anything because as you know you are about to hand your car and this will be the last time you see it. Check under and between the chairs, inside the cup holder or the arm rest and above your sun visors. These are the most known places where we put our stuff in the car.

What to consider when want to scrap a car in Orangeville

Repair costs more than the car’s value

The time you start feeling that you spend too much money on fixing and maintaining your car to the extent that the money spent exceeds the true value of the car itself then you definitely start thinking about scrapping it. Sometimes the car is still doing fine but you want to get rid of it and bring a newer one but you don’t have neither time nor energy to follow the selling process for being an exhausting option then scrapping is much easier and faster.

The junk car monetary value in Orangeville

We accept all car types regardless of their state. Every car is of value and its condition is not a big deal actually and it still can get you money. Of course, how much money you get depends on certain factors, but in the worst cases that vehicle is worth money. Running or not, broken or totally a junk we still can get some useful parts of it and we will pay for them, so don’t let the car’s condition stop you from picking your phone and calling us.


CASH FOR JUNK CARS IN orangeville !

You can sell your car for cash today, right now, and all you need to do is GIVE US A CALL!

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What documents do you need ?

Here are the documents you'll need to sell your junk car in Orangeville
The car’s ownership

When considering to junk your car it is vital to have the car’s ownership document. Even parting out a car differs from selling it in terms of the procedure followed but they are similar in terms of the documents needed, scrapping a car is just like selling it to a junkyard so it is very important to have a document of ownership to prove that the car is yours.

The used vehicle bill of sale

The second required document to part out your car is the vehicle bill of sale, it is the proof that you have transferred the car property to a salvage yard or a buyer in general. This document contains the following information: VIN number, Year of Production, Make of Vehicle, Model of Vehicle, Color.

The document must include information about both the seller and the purchaser.





The easiest and safest way to get rid of your junk car and get cash for it is to choose a legitimate and licensed Auto Junk Yard. Free towing and no hidden fees are some of the important characteristics that make one company better than other, so make sure to check if there are any while looking for a scrap car removal service.
Scrap car removal is nothing less than a regular purchase process so it is of great importance to have your vehicle ownership with you, in this way the company makes sure that you are the owner of the car and not someone else.
PS: Some companies do have some exceptions so try to ask them.
It is highly significance and advisable to let the Service Ontario know that your car has been scraped, because as we mentioned above this is just like a normal purchasing and by doing such a step of informing the agency of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, you are telling them that the car i no longer your property so if any illegal practices made with the help of it I am not responsible.
Of course you still can increase the price of your old car by some few actions ● This is a sell so ensure your car is clean and representable ● repair any damage and get rid of any rust ● Ensure you possess repair bills and service records
Not a big deal you still can scrap your car, whether the car’s wheels are kept for further usage or are lost, the scrap car removal companies can pick up your junk car from the doorstep of your house with a free of charge towing service, just let them know that when providing them with the information about your car.




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