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We have collected a bunch of questions and their answers to help our clients get acknowledged about everything that has to do with scrap car removal and the stages that follow.

The easiest and safest way to get rid of your junk car and get cash for it is to choose a legitimate and licensed Auto Junk Yard. Free towing and no hidden fees are some of the important characteristics that make one company better than other, so make sure to check if there are any while looking for a scrap car removal service.
Scrap car removal is nothing less than a regular purchase process so it is of great importance to have your vehicle ownership with you, in this way the company makes sure that you are the owner of the car and not someone else. PS: Some companies do have some exceptions so try to ask them.
It is highly significance and advisable to let the Service Ontario know that your car has been scraped, because as we mentioned above this is just like a normal purchasing and by doing such a step of informing the agency of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, you are telling them that the car i no longer your property so if any illegal practices made with the help of it I am not responsible.
Of course you still can increase the price of your old car by some few actions ● This is a sell so ensure your car is clean and representable ● repair any damage and get rid of any rust ● Ensure you possess repair bills and service records
If your license plate’s lifespan is still valid you will get a credit for further use in the future by Service Ontario or you can use it for another car if you have one. Just make sure you keep the original Permit portion with you when scrapping your car.
Not a big deal you still can scrap your car, whether the car’s wheels are kept for further usage or are lost, the scrap car removal companies can pick up your junk car from the doorstep of your house with a free of charge towing service, just let them know that when providing them with the information about your car.
This questions as been answered here with details how i can determine my car’s value, but in simple term the value of your car is related to multiple factors and whether your car is purchased for bulk weight or it possesses some components that are still working and reusable, in general the price of scrap car range from $100 up to $20.000
Certainly you are, this is nothing less than a regular purchase so The vehicle registration or V5C is a must to complete the deal and prove the ownership of the vehicle.
The company disassembles your car and reuses the parts that their lifespan is still valid, while the metal gets recycled.
Yes of course, cancel your car insurance once it had been towed and no longer your property.


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