how to recycle a car in Toronto

What is scrap car recycling

Before getting into how to recycle a car in Toronto and get cash for it let’s us first get a bit acknowledged about car recycling in general and enrich our knowledge regarding this process that not only help people get rid of their junk vehicles but also in how it is done to be environment friendly and ensures no chemical waste leaks out to the air.


When you hear about car recycling, the first idea that comes to one’s mind is simply putting the car under a heavy weight and turning it into a cube! Or maybe imagining the car being hit by the huge wrecking ball ! Well that may be a part of the entire process but only a very small part and there is too much work that precedes it.


Once the old auto arrives at the junkyard it first needs to be discharged of all kinds of fluids that it has, Fuel, Brake fluid, Engine oil, Power steering fluid and even the Windshield washer fluid, this is a very important stage of the vehicle recycling since it ensures that no chemical go into the air while wrecking. After the scrap car recycling center dismantles every single piece that may be useful and are salvaged for reuse, before it is sent to the wrecking yard. Of course other kinds of vehicles like electric cars are dealt with differently.


After the wrecking yard the cubed vehicle gets transported to a shredder firm where it is turned into multiple small pieces and separated into the metal, glass, plastics and fabrics, and the rest 5% of the car that can’t be reused and are of no benefits, relatively, becomes top cover for landfill.


How to scrap a car in Toronto


Now after we had an idea about the process of recycling, you may be wondering how you can send your junk car there?. We have summed up the whole process in the following 4 easy step:


  • Choose a scrap car removal company
    The first and somehow most difficult step is to choose a company that is going to scrap your car with a good price and has no hidden fees besides its services. This question is answered down below with details, in the “How to choose a good scrap car removal company ?’ section
  • Get a free quote
    Once you have made the decision to scrap your car, the second advisable step to do is to check your car’s value, by using a free service, which almost all the companies have, you can give a call and provide them with precise information about your car such as the year, the make, model and other few details they will give you a potent quote.
  • Pick a pick up time and place
    Once everything is set and you already chose a company to scrap your junk car you can give them a time and place to pick your old car up, most companies are flexible regarding this thing.
  • Get your car and ownership document ready
    Of course you won’t hand your car with its belongings, so ensure you have removed all your personal stuff and not forgotten anything. Another thing is to make sure you have the car’s ownership document with you.


Why is scrapping a car important ?


As mentioned above, by sending a car to a junkyard you help in the protection of the environment and this small step can be of great benefit to our planet and to humanity and this was the first reason why scrapping a car is important. the other reason is you may have got enough of it and you are tired of every time repairing it and wasting money on it, you may not even have time or mood to find a seller who you know for sure that deal will give you not worthy so what would you do ? how to get rid of this junk auto that is just taking up space in your parking lot or back yard that can be used in a better way.


Here comes the job of a scrap car removal company, which, in simple terms, takes all this burden off of your shoulders and takes care of this junk car. By simple call they come till your doorstep, evaluate its condition, do some paperwork, pay you cash and Voila!! It is that easy. Yes as you heard you get paid for your scrap car whether it is functioning or not. Of course the value depends on different factors but you still get paid on whatever condition your scrap car is.


How to choose a good scrap car removal company ?


There are myriads of scrap car removal companies out there in the market which makes choosing one to scrap your car a bit confusing and sometimes exhausting, there are the ones who take your car for the very least price while you know that your car deserves a more reasonable price, there are other who hand you a check and letting you chasing them disparately until you give up your money, and there are others with whom after you complete the deal, get surprised by extra charges that you had no idea about.


To avoid all this troubles, we RN SCRAP CAR REMOVAL offer you the best service in the market, of course it is a win-win deal, but we prioritize our clients comfort and ensure building a hundred percent dignified and everlasting relationship with them. On our website we can give you a free of charge quote showing you how much your scrap car is worth by simply entering some information regarding your junk car, by giving us a call we send you our friendly experts to check your car’s condition and ensure the information given us. Once they finish they do some paperwork with you, pay cash, at the spot and take your car away.

What happens if the information I gave is found to be not correct by our staff ?

No worries, rest assured that you won’t be charged anything, our staff will evaluate the real value of your car and propose a deal that you can either accept or refuse, and in both cases you get charged nothing.

All our services are free and no extra or hidden fees are taken, we even offer a free towing service, we say it again our clients comfort is our priority so we ensure an ultimate rest of mind all you do is give us a call and leave the rest for our experts.

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