How to determine the value of the Scrap Car in Toronto

How to determine the value of the Scrap Car in Toronto

Cars as any other vehicles have a lifespan and sooner or later one will start thinking about getting rid of them, (Unless if you want to keep them as souvenirs), the reasons to scrap your cars are countless and differs from one person to another, sometimes your car got old enough that you got tired of continuously and desperately taking it to a mechanic but no improvement is seen, what cause huge damage to your time and pocket alike, However, finding a good deal, regarding the condition, seems not likely to happen, thus doing so is just time wasting.

Sometimes, your old car is still doing fine but you are an up-to-date person who looks to try new things and pamper himself with some new features that the new cars in the market boast of, but still not have neither time nor mood to go find a buyer. Here comes the role of our company RN SCRAP CAR REMOVAL or scrap car removal companies in general, with simple steps you can complete a good deal and get top dollar cash at the doorstep of your house.


Check the list below to see how much cash you can get for your junk car regardless its condition:


The amount of cash your car is worth depends on multiple factors, some of them are constant but others are changing, meaning the price of your car can be more or less tomorrow.

  Vehicle Year, Model and Make


The first and foremost factor is of course your car background, including information about the Model’s year, the name of the model and of course the Make of the car which means the brand that manufactures it. Such information is very important because it allows us to figure out the current price of the car in the market.

The current price of Scrap Metal is the Market


The global average scrap Metal prices changes regularly and this because they are related to the supply and demand model which are the most responsible of price determination in any economic including Ferrous metals like iron or alloys of iron such as stainless steel, and Non-ferrous scrap metal like aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, and alloys such as brass.

Weight of the vehicle


The third most significant factor in determining the amount of cash you can get for your car is its weight, the more your car weighs the more dollars you get for it, so in order to increase the weight ensure that the car keeps its tires, batteries and other car components.

Location of the vehicle


Generally, the location of your car plays an important role in determining the price of your junk car since most of the scrap car removal companies charge for towing and other extra fees. Unfortunately, Right ?!!, check this out, we RN SCRAP CAR REMOVAL offer you everything for free meaning that all services go along are free of charge including towing no matter how far your car is.

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